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Fallbrook car accident victims benefit from chiropractic careEmergency room doctors stop the bleeding, mobilize broken bones, and treat life-threatening injuries that need immediate care. But, what about soft tissue injuries (tendons, ligaments and muscles) supporting the neck, back, arms and legs. If left untreated, injuries (like whiplash) lead to severe neck pain, back pain, headaches, jaw pain (TMJ), etc., and decreased function over time-even if the crash happened at low speed and there were no visible injuries. Therefore, it is crucial for accident injury victims to see us right away so we can fully evaluate and treat these injuries before they cause further problems.

Whiplash Sufferers Regain

Full Mobility and Health

bigstock_Neck_Pain___Young_Business_Wom_7316004.jpgWhiplash is a common car accident injury that we help many patients overcome. It results from tremendous forces that whip the head and torso in different directions, resulting in neck injury, even at relatively low speeds. The neck is a complex network of bones, discs, ligaments, tendons and muscles that not only hold up the head, but also protect and house the spinal cord and important arteries. Even if the bones themselves are not injured in an auto accident, they can be pulled out of proper alignment causing soft tissue injuries. This can tear ligaments, herniate intervertebral discs, and cause nerve damage, resulting in a myriad of difficult-to-pinpoint symptoms from neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain to headaches, TMJ, vision problems and difficulty concentrating. Auto accidents can also cause trauma to the lower back and legs, leading to yet more pain and disability.

Our chiropractors are highly trained and vastly experienced in evaluating and helping patients recover from injuries caused in car accidents. With a post-graduate degree in Chiropractic Orthopedic care, a post-graduate certification in "Whiplash: The Masters Certification Program" through the San Diego Spine Research Institute, and as a Qualified Medical Evaluator for the State of California, Dr. Robinson can precisely diagnose your injuries. He can then map out a treatment plan that will help you find relief and return to your normal life. And, because he is an official medical evaluator, he can help patients with the proper medical reports and documentation they may need for insurance claims.

Once again, we strongly urge anyone in our area who has been in an auto accident (even a minor one) to call the Fallbrook Spine Center right away, and come in for an evaluation. If we diagnose your injuries early, we can treat them effectively and help you avoid months, and even years, of suffering.

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